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Gallery issue on freeflight 6


Feb 17, 2019
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Hello guys
I quite new on drone industry and just wonder that someone have an issue to open a gallery on freeflight 6.
Just today after captured a set of photo and video I have done assembly all of my panorama then transfer all data to my laptop but as you know all panorama stay in the app and you can not transfer them straight from the drone. So try to open an app ( gallery )to transfer them to icloud but each time I have tried to open freeflight 6 ( gallery) the app crush and wont let me in to the gallery. The other options on the app works no issue.
I have checked the storage on my iphone 8 and it shown that the freeflight 6 contains 7.86 GB.
I try to offload the app. so I do not lost my data and reinstall again but it does not help at all.
Is it possible that the freeflight app is overload and wont let me in?
Thanks for any help.
You will need dropbox installed on laptop and phone. In the gallery, select the panorama you want and share it via dropbox. It will upload and you can then access it on either device.
There will be no brobs with this but are you suggest that the app itself is overload and it better idea to transfer date to other space like cloud or hard drive. And also I just wonder if something what is optimal data capacity on freeflight that I can keep in to it do the app in not overload and do not crush each time I need access to gallery. I just remind that right now the app FreeFlight6 on iPhone 8 shown 7.8 GB and crush each time I want access the gallery.
No, I am not suggesting FF6 will be overloaded, I would imagine it is only limited by memory of device and SD card. It is a method of keeping shots you want, especially panos as you cannot export them from what I have found.

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