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Hello from Oregon.


Dec 10, 2018
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Hello ladies and gentlemen. I recently got into drones and drone videography and like many here, I am hooked and pretty obsessed I guess :) I took a community college class in Autumn 2018 just to get my feet wet re. rules/laws/ state of the technology/ drone manufacturers, etc. During the class, I decided to go for Part 107 cert. (which I did in November) and I also decided get an Anafi (Extended) and also an Autel Evo (extended). I prefer the Anafi when I want low-key/lower-impact/quieter presence and I prefer the Evo, when I am at the ocean/coast in the wind and flying further faster and higher. Both are amazing in my opinion. I am slowly improving my flying/shooting and editing skills, but my stuff is still pretty rough. Eventually, I want to: 1- make health and wellness-education videos using drones and 2- Post my nature/landscapes/outdoors footage to a stock footage site(s). Sadly, I crashed my first Anafi in December after being a bit impulsive (FAA remote pilot sin, lol!) and doing a follow-me at 10 feet altitude on a hiking trail in the woods. The fall caused a little damage to right rear leg but bird still flies and works fine just has an exposed antenna in one of the legs. I will probably post elsewhere about that issue (as I may end up selling it or asking for part for it on this board?). I did not know about this board back then and I could not find where to buy a spare leg piece, so of course I bought a second Anafi bird/controller and have the first as backup/spare parts. I have not read many posts here yet, but I am impressed at the vast knowledge base that exists here and I look forward to tapping it and hopefully contributing something of value too.
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