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Homeownere Shoots Down Drone


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Jan 30, 2019
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This recently happened not to far from my home: Homeowner Shoots Down Drone

Unless the homeowner can demonstrate that the drone presented an immediate threat of serious bodily injury or death the charges for illegally discharging a weapon will probably stick. As far as I know there isn't 100% clarity on how high you have to fly over private property. The FAA views 500' AGL and above as navigable airspace. There was a court ruling that the military had to pay a homeowner compensation for flights that were taking place at 83' AGL above his property but I'm not sure if that covered 83' to 400' AGL where drones can legally fly.

Personally I wouldn't want someone flying 30' above my property but if they were flying at 100' (not hovering) I wouldn't have a problem with it.

There are probably 101 different opinions on this so I'd be interested in hearing them.
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I agree 100%...
I, also would have a problem with a drone hovering at 30' over my house/yard but that is somebody piloting and just looking to be a D**K...
I have this "discussion" with my neighboorhood's little chat group as well as a lot of times just flying in a designated park. Everybody thinks they own the sky and a drone is "spying" on them. "If I see one over my yard I will shoot it down" is what I hear sometimes even if they walk by me or someone else just flying in a park. If they stop to ask questions I show them the screen and try to explain that to actually "spy" with basically, a flying cell phone camera, the drone would have to be right in their face!
the fact this idiot shot shotgun 3 times in residential area is unbelievable...he missed twice,that lead has to drop somewhere....on the map i can see all the houses ,there is school not that fahr from there.......this is not about someone spying ,it is about idiot owning firearms and thinking he has “constitutional”right to shoot anything he finds suspicious .....well ,he just broke bunch of laws and he will loose his license(if he has one) and on top of that he will have to pay for new mavic (or his parents,that dude is only 26 year old,)


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Another thing to consider is that the FAA treats interference with the operation of ANY aircraft the same, whether it's a full-sized passenger plane or a remotely piloted (or autonomous) vehicle. Doing what he did is a Federal offence, just the same as if he was shooting at airliners flying over his home.
is there some kind of Wifi device a home owner can buy to destructively interfere with a drone if they want to. I saw an advertisement some time ago in a drone magazine that you can set a net over your house so the drone will return home upon going over your space. Lot nicer than shooting a gun. Also, what tools do the cops have to take down a drone?

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