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How to re-establish control of Anafi mid-air..


Oct 26, 2021
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Since I solved the battery issue of SC3 2 months ago, I have made 29 successful flights so far, never crushed, got some awesome footages, too, just one time I lost connection while my Anafi was 392 fts in the air. I couldn’t reconnect it. Eventually it run out of power and land, luckily it didn’t land on any tree, because the wind actually blowed it 60 feets away from landing point, and I was in an area of high density of tree🙏🏻.
After that incident, I made home-made Wi-Fi booster, it actually work, it let me push my Anafi fly pass some points I used to get weak signal alerts.

AND THEN, it happened AGAIN:

Just an hour ago, I was in my second favorite spot flew my Anafi, and I pick a direction I never fly deep towards to, at beginning it shows signal strength reduced 2 bars, so I circled back to get a full bars and do it again, tried to observe signal status in that direction, then, without any warning my screen froze😱. Soon after it showed no connection on the top of the screen😱😱😱.

Now, I read some info when my Anafi disconnected for the first time, that if you DISCONNECTED mid-air, your Anafi will return home automatically.
In my first disconnection, my Anafi was right above landing zone, so I’m not sure if it ever did RTH.
This time the Anafi was 1200ft away, after I lost communication, it just hovered midair, at the end, surprisingly it actually flew back to landing zone before the battery completely drained, and it landed spot-on on the landing pad( I always make sure I got GPS green indication before take off).

I know if you lose connection of Anafi it will do RTH right away, so does that mean instead of lost the connection my Anafi’s signal was jammed? By some stronger signals that actually travel through my Anafi’s path?

Now I accept Anafi rather have weaker connection compare to DJI, but is there any other ways I can do to re-establish the Anafi connection or being jammed besides turn off the app/SC3 and turn them back on if it lose communication?

P.S. And I’m wondering what those whitening waves are in attachments’ ; should I pick a channel with wave or not?


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Aug 31, 2020
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Those white waves are exposure washout... if you adjust your camera settings you can remove them. And your story sound like it did not RTH upon loss of signal, but because of battery low. If you are on a flight plan... there is no RTH because of loss of signal... In fact, I dont think there is RTH on low battery. Mine doesnt. IT does land at critical regardless of flight plan.. lol.

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