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Imperial to Metric


Aug 31, 2018
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Has anyone found a way to set telemetry data to metric?
Even though I'm in the US, I prefer meters over feet, on my drone displays.
Crazy as it seems, use ios device for Imperial and android for metric.
Edit : Correction - both my android and ios tablets are showing Imperial here in the US.
My bad.
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Crazy as it seems, use ios device for Imperial and android for metric.
Assuming the unit is based on location, how do you get OS to offer metric or imperial? We in the UK use a mix, user options would be preferable - we tend to use feet for height, I forget that a m is more than 3x a foot and consequently fly higher than necessary.
The app gets it from the regional setting of your phone.

In the UK thus we are stuck with metric in the app and we still use miles per hour rather than metres per second.

They should have just let the user select each unit in the app.
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It is rather confusing. Especially when flying the Anafi, the Disco, and the Bebop on both android and ios.
I have never been able to switch to imperial from metric using Android devices and I even build apps and custom roms/o.s. for Android. Any info on how for me would be greatly appreciated.

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On IOS in Canada I have things in metric in both freeflight 6 and Pro.

I went into settings->general->language&region and switched region to United States.

I thought about just killing the apps, but went all out and rebooted the phone.

When it came back on, I checked and both versions of freeflight showed imperial measurements. Good ole foots per second. Who measures with feet per second, really?

They could program an option to pick whatever weird measurement you want I suppose, but then probably just easier to move somewhere where you don’t have to be closeted about you choice of weights and measures.
Your correct though. Just here in the US we get so used to using feet and when we're forced to use meters it's like Wow factor.. but, being in the military we've been used to using the metric system anyway.

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Excellent !! Sometimes, the most simple solutions are invisible.
This metric/imperial selection feature appeared with the FreeFlight 6.3 application update. I suppose we were looking at the new features at this time and didn’t see it was here !!
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