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Apart from trying your own Home Insurance on "Contents away from home", which normally covers the likes of Camera's, Phone's etc, some companies will cover your drone, but to be honest they are getting very wise and refusing these after some dodgy claims!!!

Thats assuming you are talking about getting insurance cover for fly-away's, damage and the such, as opposed to personal indemnity whilst flying.

If you are looking for indemnity then look at British Model Flying Association who cover all members for a small annual membership charge. The cover they offer is very significant, (£25 million per claim) you can check it out HERE
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I also notice that if you go with FPVUK, you get 50% off accidental damage insurance with FLYLCARUS... Might be worth looking into, but read the T's&C's very carefully...... These insurance bod's are very clever with their wording

Sample policy wording attached.

Looks like at the moment they only cover DJI models

Having just had a quick glance through the document, I can understand why there has not been any claim reviews of this policy.... its a total minefield, the first bit I came across that put me off was:


(a) wear and tear, deterioration, breakdown, defect or failure howsoever caused in any Unit of the Drone and the consequences thereof within such Unit;

(b) damage to any Unit by anything which has a progressive or cumulative effect but damage attributable to a single recorded incident is covered under paragraph 1(a) above.


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They also do not cover theft. So if your drone flies away and is not found for 60 days is it lost or has it been found and stolen? You also have to fly it FULLY in accordance with the regulations.

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