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Is their any real support for my old Anafi drone?


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Feb 9, 2020
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Lexington, Ky USA
My Anafi was at 30% battery and I was starting to bring back my drone which was at 250 feet altitude and about 300 feet away when it suddenly threw up a battery critical message and then proceeded to land in the middle of the Kentucky River. The drone was not retrievable.

All software and firmware were up to date on the controller, batteries, and drone. Never had anything close to this behavior happen before. I'm guessing Parrot doesn't really care about this behavior by the drone nor do they care about the lost drone since this guy is no longer sold by them. Guess I need to save my pennies and get a DJI Mini 3 Pro now since I can't afford the prices for Parrot's newer offerings. If anyone knows of a way I can contact tech support or whether it will be a waste of time to pursue this issue please let me know.

Unfortunately I think that you will have to write your loss off to experience. Parrot do not appear to be willing or able to investigate such occurances. Were you using the modified Freeflight 6 app the AnafiPilot1 modified to include the battery voltage, amongst other things? That enables you to see the actual voltage and not the % that can be inaccurate on older or abused batteries. Also were you running a screen recorder on your device during the flight as that can be useful post incident as well.
No I wasn't running a third party app not was I screen recording. I did get in contact with support and am answering their questions now. Guess I will see what they say but because on the age of the drone, the fact it is discontinued, and the fact that they only have my word on it I realize it would be a long shot to get it replaced. I liked that drone too. Probably will look at the DJI or Autel drones next since Parrot is out of the consumer market now.

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