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Joystick Extenders


Mar 11, 2019
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Hi, anyone know of any options to extend the joysticks slightly, for the Anafi controller ? Thanks
if you are at all handy you could drill and tap a hole into the top of the joysticks, and install a bolt with rubber tubing over the threads, to grip, in a length that suits you. Would take about 10 minutes...If you do not have a tap and die set just take the bolt and use a Dremel cutting blade to score a progressively deeper cut 1/3 way or up the shaft or up the threaded shaft. It's just plastic...I looked at my Mavic's removable joysticks, not recommended.
These are little knobs that fit over the top and you do not have to drill anything which would be silly to destroy your warranty for.
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Whats up with the gimbal? Post video clip of possible so we can see an learn together.
Sorry, already packed for return. What I can tell you is that the gimbal is pretty much dead - won’t initialise on power-up and ignores the vertical pan after starting.
FYI I tried the CarolinaDronz.com site to order the knob caps, they refunded my order and said they're out of stock. I found almost exactly the same knobs on Amazon for 3x as much but at $10 it still isn't bad. They also showed many comparable products if you don't like this option.

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