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Landing Gear for disco.


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Aug 31, 2020
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Yep.. Ive gone through a few discos. Or disco cameras. I need landing gear.. I farm. Not cows.. plants. I kill grass. So a thousand acres and no grass to speak of. Certainly not a landing strip worth. I mostly land on the gravel rock road. And that works half the time.. the other half.. it misses the road. Hits the ditch on either side or the telephone poles or wires on the way down. Yes automated landing.. believe me... as bad as that is.... im worse. Anyway I want to protect the camera and keep it from hitting the ground etc... and keep from scraping up my drone... so Im thinking a wheel... 36 inch diameter ialuminum wire circle... two of them attached to the wing carbon rods... so now the disco rolls on landing... but wait.... they dont need to be round.. they can me egg shape, or oval.. as long as they protect the prop and stick out past the nose they can reduce damage significantly... SO that is what i am working on.. two 12 or 14 guage aluminum wire circles attached at the two wing support rods where the wings attach. My objective is to turn forward energy into rotational energy and allow the wings to dissapate the bulk of it...those big wings are going to resist rotation. My guess is that it will be over in 180 degrees. (Tail forward upside down). That it wont want to keep rolling... depends on cg I suppose and the wind... but i hope you get my drift. Yeah ive seen the landing skids... that wont work on my gravel road. Plus im trying to think of something that can help with other type collisions as well... anyway.. ive replaced cameras... ive tried refocusing them. With merely 1080p. I cant afford for the cameral to not be right on. But yes i can fly another camera.. and perhaps then i wouldnt need. To be so low i hit trees if a waypoint is missed, because of the cirile around and try again... doesnt matter which loiter direction i choose. Missed waypoints get me sometimes. Anyway... Im sure others have tried something like this...landing with no gear is just scary. And landing with the camera first is almost insane. Lastly, discos are getting hard to comeby. And expensive... So, I am starting to experiment with AR wings. And i expect to use the same gear design...summersaults on landing. You know... tuck and roll...
I knew yall couldnt wait to get a pic of that landing gear which protects the camera, underbelly, top belly, and propeller top bottom and sides. Aluminum wire and stablizers. Holes are punched through aluminum stabilizers so it mounts on carbon rods. That is where the load will go... its right on CG back to front. THose are racetrack ovals, not circles.
That's very ingenious! I have grassy patch (and access to a 3D printer) so I just went down the easy road of printing skids and camera protection from great design on Thingiverse. Your situation is indeed quite different. Btw I've seen a landing gear with wheels for Disco if you have access to flat area. You use the AG version or is it just for fun?
I use this protector.
He save my body on the down side and the camera.
All edges are protected with adhesive tape.
I haven't had a crash yet though.
So I can only say that they only protect against scratches when landing.

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