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Lost GPS on phone far away!


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Aug 25, 2023
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I was recently flying close to 1/2 mile away VLOS, when all of a sudden I had to stop. I looked at my phone interface and noticed that one of the GPS signal indicators dropped to red!
It was not my drone, but my phones GPS sync on the controller!!! Just from green straight to red instantly. Not knowing the danger I came back safe. I am still confudled as to why this happend. Luckily I had control signal and was able to use the video feed and mini map to retrieve it back. I did not want to push the RTH button in fear it would go somewhere else, not having my phone GPS green.

It is interesting that freeflight does not show signal bar dots from your phones gps, but drone has these RSSI dots displayed. I was standing in an open area so nothing local near me would cause this GPS loss. The android phone was in airplane mode, but in this mode GPS is always recieved if you wish. The power save for apps was turned off. UAV forcast app indicated solar flares above a Kp of 3.0 that may have contributed. Also for whatever reason, maybe freeflight was unable to send the gps data over to the drone via the link or some link degradation was occuring. If I didnt have those failsafes, does the anafi save the home point by itself in case our phone loses GPS and control link so it has coordinates to return? I couldn't imagine if I lost video and link how it would get back. Unless of course it is saved internally in anafi on each flight. Is this what precise home point set feature does? This has to be true as flying with sc2 alone without phone needs a way to return. I am sure others have lost phone gps sync out on flights.
I think phone GPS doesn't have to be on. It's only for custom RTH like back to pilot if he has moved, instead of regular take off location.

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