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My Anafi crashed today!


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Jul 14, 2019
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Well today was my first ever crash that was my fault. I kind of feel better about it then I did with two different Anafis that "fell from the sky". Those crashes left me worried and unsure.

With this Anafi crash I know that the problem was, well me.

I was trying to get a Dolly Zoom of a group photo for work. It was to be the final video shot of a graduation video. I knew that there were trees well behind the Anafi and it would be close since Dolly Zoom has reverse in it. I thought I had and angle to miss the tree, but I was incorrect.

The Anafi went back and clipped a tree branch and fell hard. She was only 15 feet in the air and landed on the trees root and the grass. The propellers are marked up. The camera feed would not come back on so I took apart the drone but found that all wires were still connected. I put her back together and the camera worked again.

Free Flight worked well and registered a crash.

Its weird that this crash does not bother me as I know how to fix and address it. The "fall from sky" ones though leave me scared to fly the drone.

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