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My flight plan does not load on Parrot Disco


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May 5, 2023
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Hi Forum,
The Parrot Disco is amazing...
However, I am not able to load my flight plan created in FreeFlightPro on the drone.
The manual says that:
1) Make sure your flight plan is created and "uploaded"

I created the flight plan correctly but I don't know how to load it before turning on the drone...

What I did was:
1) I turn on the drone,
2) I waited for the GPS to be connected
3) I connected the iPad Mini to the controller and it started the FreeFlight Pro
4) I Selected the Flight Plan
5) I positioned the drone against the wind
6) I pressed the Start button on the top right corner of the screen
7) The engine sped up
8) The drone took off correctly and was spinning over me
9) On the screen, there was a small wheel spinning for several minutes with the cancel button underneath

The flight plan was not uploaded to the drone and I had to fly and land it myself.

What could be happening?


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    Parrot Disco Manual.jpeg
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Ive never loaded the fight plan to disco before it is in the takeoff loiter pattern. I take off with the skycontroller takeoff button. It climbs, powers down some and loiters… then i press the play or send flight plan button. It says loading or sending then disco stops loiter and heads for waypoint 1. Ive done that procedure at least a hundred times. I do send flight plans to bebop2 before takeoff… so it takes off and directly proceeds to waypoint 1. But you better put it under waypoint one… or you will likely hit something as it flys to waypoint one.
I've been flying my Disco for some years now.. it's such an amazing thing! I don't think there'll ever be anything like it again. It has a good few quirks though. The flight plan works amazingly well, but you need to bear with it on loading..

Sometimes you just load the plan, and there it with the play button lit green and ready to go.

If not, tap on that triangle button just next to the title of your flight plan to alternate your choice of display. Tap once and your planned route dissappears, leaving just the map. Tap again and your plan reappears.. and your play button will be on green.

If still not, exit the flight plan, wait a couple of seconds, open and load again. Repeat as necessary. It will always work in the end..

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