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New Anafi Repair Video from Parrot

I need this unfortunately to repair my original. My fingers aren’t as small as the video person so I’m not in a hurry but glad to see the motor is not soldered to the board.

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Hey Liger, thanks for sharing! That was a great video. I doubt I'd ever dig down to the motherboard but could see changing out motors some day and that basically walked you thru the entire process.
Now it’s time for Parrot to give Reference Numbers and prices for spare parts ...
I see they seem to have a kit with the 4 motors.
On the video, I did not see anything about camera or gimbal maintenance or replacement (maybe a future video ?)
This one though is a perfect one to use in conjunction with the dismounting manual...Thanks Parrot !!
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... I was expecting such a remark, and I know I should not answer but...
<Testosterone mode ON> ... no, I think they did that for us to think ‘if a woman can do that... I can do that !’<Testosterone mode OFF>

Please, before to throw stones, put on your <second degree ON>
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I feel so terribly ashamed of this last post, I should be punished by a temporary ban from this forum (something like 12 secondes)
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<Reality mode ON>
Yeah, well, if I really had to do what the lady shows on the video, it would take me more than a day ;o)
Yes I think I would of struggled to do what she did..... and I work in I.T .... Trouble is as we get older, the eyes are failing and industry makes everything so **** small ...... Its a conspiracy theory I think against the aged :D
Big fingers and small parts do not match :)
I have done a fair amount of modding my controller and fixing broken UAV's to know that taking pictures every step of the way helps with trying to figure out which part goes where and what wire goes back into the right spot.
I used to do all the chipping on games machines and all sorts of complex electronics on vehicle ECU's and the such .... These days I dont even trust myself with the pliers let alone the soldering iron
I feel that the video could have been improved by some close up shots but I am grateful for anything. We just need a source of spares at sensible prices now.

I am 62.5 years old and I still manage to do smd soldering, with strong glasses, as well as mend R/C components that fellow club members have broken (mainly by pulling on the leads and not the plugs!). I am quite lucky that I still have steady hands. I agree with Augustine that making notes and taking photos helps with re-assembly. To quote the UK Haynes car repair manuals "re-assembly is the reverse of dis-assembly" if you can remember what goes where, have three or more hands and can see where that very small spring "pinged" to!

May you never let out the magic smoke :)
I see (I must say with pleasure) that there are fellows older that me (51) ... I thought this hobby was only for young boys (I mean under 50)
It seems these days its an older man's game, certainly from my contacts over the last 2 year both here and on the DJI Forum, there seems to be more of us in the older age bracket...... I guess its down to the fact that once you get older, the kids have usually flown the nest and you have more disposable income.

I for one would of never dreamed of spending these sums when I had the 3 kids at home and mouths to feed.

These days most of my life seems to be spent on the road, so now even less time to enjoy my hobby. I do take the Anafi with me everywhere "Just in case".
I can totally relate to where this topic is headed. As a well over 40 guy myself... I think it is just a natural progression of Dad's to tend to spend more on hobbies once their kids are grown and they have more spendable income. I think it is only fair though... my wife spends quite a bit of money on designer purses and lots on clothes, etc. I am happy in blue jeans and a t-shirt. So instead of spending on fancy clothes, I'd rather spend it on fun stuff!
Ehm, if I remember, we were initially talking about a video of ehm, ... oh no, I forgot (long term memory error, should format FAT32... or it maybe in an other thread ?
What good is the video if I can't see the parts?

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