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New FAA UAV Rules Coming

So typical for a goverment agency,trying to get more power wherever they can get it,more control....Instead to go after people that cause problems they place everyone in the same group so everyone gets punished...deciding how drone is manufactured,that means building own quad will be illegal,its such grey area,if they get “licence to kill” we are all screwed....after watching video all i can say is that there is nothing positiv in the whole,this should not pass
O-M-G. Nobody read Obamacare either, still haven’t, 3000 pages nobody read, governing 1/5th of the USA economy, voted into law after 5 days (after midnight on a Saturday night, using a parliamentary trick called reconciliation - never meant for use with major legislation - because the Democrats didn’t have enough votes from their own party to pass it normally).

US House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s infamous statement “We have to pass the bill in order to find-out what’s in it...” is the most honest admission of political corruption in USA history....

This is no different— it’s what some call the Deep State. The term refers to US Govt entities acting in an extra-constitutional manner, without proper Legislative oversight — as mandated by the Constitution!
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