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Newbie to the Disco


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Sep 26, 2020
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Hi guys,

I've been reading the forums (all 7 pages) to find info on the disco. I finally got my hands on one (refurb, has not arrived). After owning several DJI quads, I thought I'd give the disco a try. What caught my eye was:
- Dustin Dunhill videos!
- Ability of Chuck to be installed on other platforms.
- 4G mod (ease of modding).
- Battery mod to increase endurance.

The bird is in the mail and will not get here for another 3 weeks, so I am taking the time to read through whatever info I can find. I am a member of Mavic Pilots and thought I'd find a little more info on mods and other things.

I have a few questions regarding several things, maybe some of you would be kind enough to clarify a bit more of what has already been answered on the forums regarding some of these, so here they go:

1- Firmware:
Should I not upgrade anything when I get the disco? I've read after a certain upgrade you cannot roll back, and that could limit my ability to do the 4g mod.

2- Battery: I spent a little over my budget on the disco ($500) on ebay, and would like to save where I can. However, I realize the battery has to be a good quality lipo so as to not compromise the investment. Any current good battery brand/capacity to get around 60 to 90 minutes of flight time that you can recommend? What is the deal with the 20C, 12C, 50C on these? Lower is better? Higher is better?

3.- Charger: Can I use the disco charger to charge one of these lipos of higher capacity? Should I buy a Sky rc right off the bat? A link to a simpler solution would be nice, I do not plan on charging anything BUT the Disco with it.

4- RTH: Can the RTH height be configured above 50m? There are some power lines and hilly terrain where I live, so if I could set it to 120m for RTH it would be great.

5- Altitude limit: can it be modded? I have modded it on my MPP, to fly up a mountain and to the summit at 1300 meters (4000 feet!).

6- Landing gear? Has anyone put a landing gear on this thing? I am imagining ANYTHING that could dampen the blow of landing, my intended flight area is a little tight, (I plan on several practice flights before flying there and before modding anything), so skids/wheels would be awesome.

7- 3D patterns: Any good site for Disco 3D print patterns/schematics? I would love to print a few pieces like a front camera guard or something along those lines.

8- Payload: What sort of payload can I put on the disco? Will a GoPro under the belly work with stock motor/battery?

9- Mod guides/mod section? The Mavic has a specific section for mods in Mavic Pilots. Anything like that anywhere?

10- Spare wings/others? Where can we find spare parts for this (other than Ebay at crazy prices)? Since it is discontinued, this might be a pain.

11- Parrot is selling an Agricultural Version of the Disco or something? Does that mean they will carry parts for the old regular Disco?

Thanks so much for any help you can provide.

Stay safe and healthy.


Lambert Dominiqsue

New member
Apr 14, 2021
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Didn't get any answers to your questions? Have you received your Disco and is it flying?
The question about the landing gear is relevant, there are protections to be fixed under the fuselage, but no landing gear as such, but it should not be impossible to adapt one, assuming that it does not disturb the flight.


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