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Parrot Anafi Micro SD Card Holder, What's the Big Deal

I wish it were that simple, it just doesn't show up on my 2011 i5 quad-core iMac at all. I've tried every variable of turning it on whilst plugged in or not, turning it on after it's plugged in, etc... & it never shows for me. I still need to take the SD card out to transfer anything from it.

I have ordered a USB-C (3.1) to USB-3 (3.0) plug & a male to male USB 2.0 cable, to see if that will work, as someone has mentioned it working for them with their older computer that doesn't have any USB 3.0 or 3.1 slots. Fingers crossed.
I have a 64Gb card in my one which is enough to store the three flights my three batteries can produce.
I take it out back at home, put the three batteries on charge (and the RC).

Card put in a SD card adapter, put in slot in of and files copied off.

Card then put back in Anafi.
I fully agree. I mentioned this 5 months ago to Drone Valley (
) and this is his answer, that time I only had Bebop 2 Power and did not have the Anafi yet, see below.

Ton Akkie 5 months ago

Hi Rick, why do not leave the SD card always in the drone and connect and download the video via wifi/controller to your phone. 2nd method is to use the usb cable to download. I have the Bebop 2 and there it works like this.

Ton, on some days I want to check the content I've shot with the quad before leaving a location to make sure that I have what I need and to do this, I need to pull the card to view it on a larger tablet. Normally I do transfer it to my workstation at home with the USB. Thanks for the post and I hope you'll sub the channel. Rick

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