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Parrot Anafi range test 6029m

Did you cut it to be a specific size, or will any piece of foil do?
it does not have specific measures.
so that it serves as an orientation, these are mine


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And it is not only an antenna mirror to get stronger signs from the ANAFI, but it can protect your body from the original antenna EMF radiation, so it is healthy :)
Depending on the location/direction of the WiFi interference - I would say it could make it better, or worse.
I made a hasty lookalike using tin foil in the same configuration, however the tin foil had wrinkles and therefore not so focussed but...

One flight on auto mode for frequency selection, in my back yard with mearby wifi including my own home, over trees etc....

I got a couple hundred feet LESS range with the reflector (3000’).
However I DID resume video downlink noticeably sooner on the autonomous RTH leg. One flight is meaningless, also I need to try the 5ghz band manually as well as more rural areas. First will get aluminum tape and make a smoother reflector.
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We used to make them out of old Cd's lol

This was for another UAV. Did it work? Hard to tell snd it did not last very long on the RC lol

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Is this still working for you? I have a related mod on a Mavic 2 controller and it certainly helped. So I understand that the antenna itself is in the phone holder? Would this be the same with the tablet holder of the Anafi Parrot Thermal?
I know the area where I am flying. Anafi has quite good control of the battery. If I lose control of the anafi, he will be still and when he is running out of battery he will land alone. if in the program it indicates to me where has been the last place where I lost communication. You can do the test, when you have 5% battery left you leave it with you at 1m altitude and turn off the remote. You will observe how before running out of battery it will automatically land safely.

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