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Parrot disco Bepob 2 cockpit goggles


Jan 4, 2020
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New Orleans, LA
I also own a Bebop 2 and and have searched for years for a lighter, trimmer version. It's like strapping a shoe box on your head! I even contemplated buying a Mambo FPV just to get the Cockpit Glasses 2! Instead, I stumbled on a $600 deal @ Best Buy for the Extended package which had been selling for $799! Then after I bought all that, Parrot releases the Anafi FPV kit with CockpitGlasses 3! Same drone but with glasses.

I just solved the same problem recently. Parrot added choices in the interface of Freeflight 6. On the opening screen, you will see the "FPV" screen. Tapping that will open a drop down list ["CHANGE"] which allows you to choose from a number of compatible headsets. In my research on YouTube, there was another guy who found a way to alter these: Viotek Spectre VR Headset which will work choosing the "Cockpitglasses 2" Anafi glasses in the interface. The same guy also published a video (taking two of the aforementioned goggles, cut them diagonally in half then flip flopping the two sides and gluing them together after cutting a hole in one frame for the bottom button. (Those two opposing buttons are your "fingers" that touch the screen to activate the modes since your phone screen can't be reached once housed in the goggle!) I went through all that process with the two goggles THEN stumbled on his later video which explained how Parrot solved the problem with their new "FPV" choice. Now you only need the single button on the goggles above which activates it and all the menus are chosen with one of your control sticks! I wound up spending more than I needed to because I re-ordered a "fresh" pair since I had chopped up the first set needlessly! Works great.

Most of the other ones that are listed in Freeflight 6 are: 1) Much more expensive 2) Bulkier. The Spectre is lighter, collapses to about 1" thick (rubberized, pullout style) and comes with its own storage case. (I bought the Extended version with the larger Anafi case that stores the drone in the case cover with the lower compartments for the controller, a couple of batteries, etc.) No room if you have the Anafi cases.

In any event, any of those goggles listed in Freeflight 6 work. But the most economical and convenient, I believe, are the Viotek. Check that link above and see what you think.

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