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Parroting from OZ


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Nov 11, 2018
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Gday new bebop 2 pilot from down under here.

Found this forum and looking forward to meet and discover, especially as I want to learn more about droning.

I do have a couple of questions I'm hoping to have clarified;

I read a few horrors of pilots losing connectivity and the drone flying away from sight and essentially losing their investment, is this common and how can it be avoided?

I have also read that you can connect the drone with wifi or go to airplane mode and connect direct between drone and controller, which is a better method to ensure consistent connection?

I'm hoping to get many hours of flights and not lose the drone because of a simple disconnect or interference.

Anyway thanks in advance for any help and I look forward to some cool discussions in the near future.

Happy piloting...
Welcome from Alaska. I've have the BB2 and Airplane mode will increase your range from my test. I use RTH all the time with no problems but I make sure I have it locked in before I fly and always calibrated (drone & SC2). Only had mine for 2 months.

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