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Polarizer and photos


Jul 29, 2018
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This isn't a Anafi specific question but I often use a circ pol filter on my ground based cameras. I realize you can't do that up in the air so how do you folks work around that limitation? Filters in post? or just a reg polarizer that isn't' adjustable and ?
CP Filters are not as effective on a drone as the have to be positioned properly to do their job. Being as the drones gimbal is changing all the time it a tough nut to crack.
The CP’s still work on drones, but you need to plan your shots accordingly to get the maximum benefit. Let’s say I want to fly up a section of stream, or across a lake and gimbal up to reveal an epic mountain. In that case, from the ground I’ll look through the CP in the same direction as my planned flight, rotate the CP in my fingers until I get the desired amount of polarization, and then mount it on the camera at that angle.

Of course this doesn’t really work if you are going to be flying in various directions at various angles relative to the sun, but in the 2 examples I gave above it works well. Same goes for glare and glint off rocks and foliage.
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