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problemi di compatibilità con galaxy s8+


Sep 18, 2018
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Dopo aver perso un po' di tempo cercando di capire quale era il problema, sono arrivato alla conclusione che il mio galaxy s8+ ha dei problemi di compatibilità con parrot anafi. Cosa succede? Succede che per connettere il telefono vado su impostazioni- scegli rete Anafi- il telefono mi dice che si è connesso, apro Freelight (aggiornato al 6.2.1) e freeflight non si connette. Se spengo e riaccendo il telefono si connette velocemente e tutto funziona, ma solo per una volta, se esco da freeflight e cerco di riconnettere, non funziona di nuovo.
Qualcuno ha consigli circa i settaggi, incompatibilità con le app, etc..?
Il bello che che con il vecchio Huawei p9 lite funziona tutto alla perfezione, si connette sempre in un baleno...!
Con il controller non ci sono problemi, ma le mie intenzioni erano di utilizzare il drone anche con il solo telefono, per motivi sportivi...
Saluti Alessandro
After losing some time trying to figure out what the problem was, I came to the conclusion that my galaxy s8 + has compatibility problems with parrot anafi. What happen? It happens that to connect the phone I go to settings - choose Anafi network - the phone tells me that it is connected, I open Freelight (updated to 6.2.1) and freeflight does not connect. If I turn off and on again the phone connects quickly and everything works, but only for once, if I go out of freeflight and try to reconnect, it does not work again.
Someone has advice about the settings, incompatibility with the app, etc ..?
The nice thing that with the old Huawei p9 lite everything works perfectly, it always connects in a flash ...!
With the controller there are no problems, but my intentions were to use the drone even with the phone, for sporting reasons ...
Greetings Alessandro
Does your phone's wifi eventually switch back to your home wifi as soon as you leave settings?
That's because your phone sees there is no internet connection on that wifi and disconnects from it. There's a setting somewhere to disable that.
I have been looking long time searching some setting, but I didn't find anything.
Anyway if you read well my letter the telephone doesn't disconnect anafi, it show that is connected, simply free flight is not working
It happens to me very often. I use a Google Pixel2. It happened today after the 621 was installed.

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