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Rebel Parrot Bebop 2


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Aug 13, 2020
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Hi guys !

Sad storry here - Yesterday i changed my Parrot Bebop 2 central cross, 3 motors and the shock absorber kit.

Yesterday my Parrot Bebop 2 flew away - it disconected from controller and could breafly get it on my phone b4 flying away with me running like mad after it near a little cliff b4 loosing her sight.
I have on FlightPlan my drone last location - but that last location is the location from where i hand launched it.

On this flight i got the “Your drone is not calibrated” message after 8 9 minutes of flight just b4 the drone disconected and started to fly away. It was tracking me doing a swirl at that time.
I connected to the controler to get the drone back but i didnt see the drone on wi fi when searching for it on the controller - i disconected while running after the drone and got the drone on my phone wi fi for 2 3 seconds - with black screen.
I tried to push return home but it didnt work and tried to face it back to me but it disconected very fast and continued to fly away.
The question is can i find on my phone the last 2 3 times that i was connected to the bebop via phone so that i could try to estimate where she flew away.Or do you have any ideea how i could get it back
Thank you guys !


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Jun 30, 2018
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to find your bebop you need incredible amount of luck in this case.....sometimes when bebop 2 goes crazy it can fly back to previous take off location,so did you fly anywhere in direction your bebop 2 flew,how much battery was left,is it possible for bebop to get to previous take off location if that’s the case,worst case scenario,it flew around and landed somewhere ,in that case you can forget finding it....

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