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return home feature


Dec 1, 2018
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I was under the impression that the return home is automatically activated when the drones battery is low and or the drone looses contact with the controller but my drone will fall out of the sky when the battery gets low not return home. what gives, can anyone enlighten me on this? thanks
I know it will RTH when it loses contact with the remote after the time out expires- you set that in the settings, idk default settings but i had mine set at 10 seconds. After all, changes of it reconnecting are slim. I don't know about low battery conditions, I don't think it has that feature.
***Correction- yes it does have the RTH on low battery feature. After thinking about it for a minute I remembered it saving my rear a few times on some high altitude flight plans that required more battery than i had, so yes. Check your flight logs, look at the graph, note battery level, altitude, etc.
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What Flipper said is correct. When the bebop 2 battery gets too low, (I think around 5 or maybe 2%) it will immediately descend STRAIGHT down, wherever it is. And, it does NOT avoid anything below it, nor can you control it at all. (ask me how I know this)
The only way it is going to "fall out of the sky" is if the battery goes to 0%, and it will automatically descend bofore then.
You should not ever get to the point where you are still in the air with under about 20% battery left. It is hard on the battery and it is not going to last very long.
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What sort of flight time do you get when landing with 20% battery power left? I know there are a lot of variables i.e. wind, speed of drone etc but a rough approximation would be good to know. Also is it vital that you land with 20% battery left or can you chance it to 15% ? I know from Youtube videos that power diminishes really fast when it gets down to this level.
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Sure, you can fly it down to probably 10% and get an extra minute or 2 maybe, but at 10% your battery alarm will be going off and somewhere between 10% and 0% it's going to automatically land.
It has more to do with discharging and recharging the battery. Lipo batteries do not like to be discharged all the way to zero; your battery will start getting to where is discharges at a higher rate. (shorter flight times)
Hang on there. This is the Bebop 2 forum. The Anafli may have RTH on low battery, but the Bebop 2 does not. It will only RTH on a wifi disconnect or by pushing the RTH button.
Ok fair enough, it's very possible it was just performing an emergency landing and I mistook it for RTH, it was almost directly above me both times.
in my case I was flying the beebop2 about 30 feet when it suddenly dove to the ground at a 45 degree angle. I did not hear a sound indicating a low battery , but I also did not keep track of the time as I could not see the screen on my smartphone due to the sun. thanks for the replies

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