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Share Flight Plan?


Mar 14, 2019
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This is probably somewhere, but I can't find it.

Since it is easier to use my wife's Ipad to configure a flight, than my Iphone I wrote a few different routes for different locations.
Now i don't see how to get them onto my Iphone to run them.
I see some YouTube instructions for Android sharing, but have not found anything for IOS devices.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I don't think unless you have jail broken both units you are probably out of luck for sharing. Hard to get at the needed files unless they are jail broken and even then I am not sure if it will work.
One little trick if you want to use a bigger screen is use the app teamviewer. For the most part it works pretty good for doing flightplans.
Thanks, I never thought about using Teamviewer, I'll have to give that a try :)
Well I know there are a lot of happy iOS owners on here so I will not put down iOS but this is big reason I will never go back to iOS ;)
Perhaps I am looking at this from the wrong end of the cow :)

Obviously after I write the flight plan it loads into the Bebop2 or it would not fly out of controller range, and it would come back home.

Is there a way to get it back out of the Bebop once it has been loaded?
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I have never been able to move flight plans between devices Parrot noted this is correct in a support call I had about 18 months ago
You cannot do it via parrot products. This is the reason why some people stuck this the same tablet/phone to keep archive of flight plans. Also, if you reinstall or uninstall application, flight plans will be erased.
If you have rooted android device, you can use products like titanium backup to save app and its data. Also, on a very specific android device with build it backup program, like some LG android devices, you can make backup and then reinstall copy of program with flight plan.
You can try flight plan share in AR.pro 3 android application. I assume similar functionality and program should exist for apple devices.
Thanks all, it seems as though it should be possible, since the flight plan is transferred from the Iphone to the Bebop, and they can be shared on Android devices.
I wanted to do pretty much the same thing. Transfer Flight Plans from one phone/tablet tomanother and also to back up the plans.
I don't know about IOS but with Android there is a folder in the internal memory called FrreFlight 6 which contains a folder called flightPlan. This contains all the flights that you have set up on that unit. It's a simple matter of copying and pasting plans from from one unit to the other.
I have only just found this out so as yet due to the weather I have not been able to test fly any plans copied from one to another but I can't see why ther would be a problem. As soon as the wind drops I'll give it a go.
I have also got a master folder on the PC with all the plans in ready to copy to anywhere else.
One small problem may be that for some reason sometimes the FreeFlight 6 folder doesn't seem to show up on the PC. No idea why.
hi all from sunny Darwin, NT, Australia - I just came into this thread now. I ask how has this progressed since May 27? I will try this between 2 android devices at the weekend. My target outcome would be ability to translate the flight plans into kmz files for pre-planning and distributing to others ahead of flying the plans

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