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SkyController not connecting to Drone


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Oct 25, 2018
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Hi All,

So since Friday I've had an issue whereby my controller will not connect to the drone.

I flew it at a wedding to get a group shot, came in to land and left the drone powered on for about 10 mins (sky controller was also on) while I got other shots before I was able to pack it up. Before I powered it off I still had a connection.

I went to use it today but the sky controller will not connect to the drone. The light on the controller & drone just flash as if waiting for connection.

So far I have done all of the below to no avail:
- Hard reset of the drone
- Tried different batteries.
- Tried connecting the USB C cable from the controller directly to the drone (the controller LED will flash green a few times when doing this)
- Reset the controller
- Once reset I tried to pair the controller to the drone. The drone will show as available, when you click on it to connect it will ask for the wifi password & successfully accept it but then will just say "connecting" and doesn't connect.

Connecting my phone to the drone using the drones wifi AP works fine and I am able to pilot & see the camera footage, but the sky controller will just not connect no matter what I try.

I've lodged a ticket with Parrot but in the mean time can anyone think of anything I can try to try restore connection, as I need to use it again on a job this week.

Go into the FF6 app with the controller connected to your phone/tablet. The controller icon upper right should be lit. Tap on it and get into the Skycontroller 3 page.

Look at the options: connect/calibration/reset.

Go through these three selections with Anafi powered and it should get the controller and drone talking to each other.
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