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So it snowed here.

Looks great! I've been grounded for a few days due to rain and wind. Are you using the stock 16gb SD card? I tried to take a few photos the other day and they look awful when zoomed in. The files say they are only 4.15-5 MB each.
Thanks. They are calling for more snow but it usually doesn't last long around here.
Just using a 32GB for now and will go bigger soon.
Really crappy day today, high winds, blowing snow and debris and dam cold with this wind. Hope it calms down before the day is over.

LOL, dam written properly gets the x's. Too funny.
I was able to get 3 flights in today. Tested the geofencing, RTH and camera options. Upgraded my SD card and I no longer get SD errors. I'm pretty sure the stock as card is crap. Hopefully you will get back in the air soon!
Sun is out now but still too windy and cold. So playing with my video software to learn it better but apparently can't use the song, Baby It's Cold Outside to post video...Blah,blah,blah.

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