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Some questions to Pascal Perrin, Marketing Product Manager, and Eric Simon , Head of the Imaging Team of Anafi at Parrot

Looks like the end of Nov. will have some exciting updates. I had to use Google Chrome to translate the page.
Many of the questions being posted here have been answered in this interview

Parrot Anafi Extended : questions à Pascal Perrin et Eric Simon

Thanks for the link, I knew of the extended bundle to be available from Nov 1st but couldn't find any sellers (a bit early I guess). The extended bundle is a pretty good deal to be fair and it's nice to see Parrot still working away at tweaking and adding functions. I'm looking forward to picking this drone up but I have noted 1 thing I don't like about the camera and that's the slowest shutter speed appears to be only 1 sec. My Typhoon H has produced some nice night photos on a long exposure (8 sec is the slowest shutter), as has my Autel XSP, so I'm not sure if the Anafi will be up to the Job.

Side note - why do I always end up buying a new drone this time of year! It's cold, dark before I get home from work and blustery, d'oh.
Thanks @Agustine

Hope they'll address the flickering @ lowlight and EIS in RAW photo mode later.

BTW, there is a video about the Extended pack at the end of the interview:
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That was an interesting read, something to look forward to in November, certainly the "precision Hover" will be appreciated by all. Interesting that they also do a custom version of FF6 for the pro's who need to go higher than the 150 limit.
I also enjoy the improvement in hover stability that will be implemented end of the month (they say it will also improve with the help of the bottom camera) and also the updated initialization process that will take into account the Neutral Density or Polarized filters addition...

But I’ll have to test the HDR algorithm change for video, it looks promising in the YouTube Footage (less ‘light greenish’ colors seems more realistic...)
Also in the flightrecords i would like to see total kilometers/miles flown not only the total hours

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