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Stock Charger


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Jan 11, 2019
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Does anyone just use the chargers that come with the drone or is everyone using a balance charger as I keep reading about the Parrot chargers not charging the batteries correctly and this can lead to power fails. Just want to know if I have to buy a balance charger and leads and if so what is best or is it safe to stick with bundled Parrot chargers. Thanks in advance for any advice, based in UK by the way.
Hi Mick
Thanks for your reply to my post. I have been in touch with Christopher from that website today as that is probably the route I will go but I was wondering how crucial it is to get a proper balance charger. I would have thought Parrot charger should be up to the job and they probably wouldn't honour any warranty claims if an aftermarket charger was used even though it is a more reliable method of charging.
The oem unit is a balance charger designed to work with the oem Parrot battery and does the job. It charges at a higher rate than would normally be applied to a Lipo battery and some think this could shorten battery life but I don't think it's been proven. My biggest beef is not with the charger but the oem battery. It has a protection circuit that can cut power if voltages get too low and cause the drone to drop out of the sky. This could happen in marginal situations where the battery is already at low voltage, cold and under high load.

As I also use aftermarket batteries I like to use an Imax B6 balance charger as it gives more control over how the battery is charged & allows me to do a storage charge, which the oem can't do.

BTW I'm no expert. This is stuff I've picked up on the internet & personal experience. If the drone's under warranty then I would keep using the stock charger. If you go on to use an aftermarket battery, that's a good time to get a suitable balance charger.

There is a good video on how the stock charger works
Thanks for sharing your findings, very interesting to understand the stock chargers capabilities and limitations.
Thanks for that valuable info Mick, I'll watch that video as I have never come across it when searching for info.

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