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Stranger thinks


Dec 8, 2018
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Today I take my drone and pressing the power button it does not show signs of life (no led, no fan).
I think it depends on the batteries and I try the others two, same problem.

I try to reset (long press power-on) ... nothing, the drone seems completly dead, so I put the batteries in charge and I realize that they were fully charged.
Fortunately, before sending it to service, I try to put the battery in charge keeping it inserted in the drone and ... magically everything starts.

Has it ever happened to you? It's a known problem?
If I was away from home without a battery charger I could not fly.

How long was it since you used it? After 10 days the batteries go into hibernation and need to be waken up by the charger. This protects your batteries from damage.
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Yes more than 10 days, I did not know this function.
And if I go out without waken up by the charger there isn't a way to start drone?
None that I know of, it is always a good Idea to make sure you batteries are fully charged before going out for the day. Lipo batteries will lose some voltage over time so after ten days they would not be fully charged.

From the manual page 11:

About the smart battery
Anafi’s smart battery is preinstalled on your drone. Always install it the same way and never attempt to install it upside down as it could expose your battery and your drone to irrecoverable electrical damage. As you will find out by reading this guide, Anafi’s battery is smart enough to enter a wintering mode when you are not using it for ten days in a row. This also means you need to wake it up and charge it completely before you fly Anafi for the first time.

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