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Swing connect issue


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May 26, 2019
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Clarksville, Indiana
First let me say that I am the newest of newbies.
My experience in drone piloting can be measured in minutes.
I just purchased a Parrot Swing and I must say that flying it is so easy and fun that both surprised me.
I have flown my Swing using my smartphone (a ZTE) and with the Flypad but have not figured out how to use both at the same time as I have seen in tutorial videos.

The Flypad shows up as a paired device on my phone but when I click on it to connect as I would with a bluetooth speaker it does nothing.
If I connect the Flypad to the Swing and then try to connect my phone I am told that I can connect the Flypad after I connect my phone.
But when I do that the Flypad just continuously blinks green.

Since both seem to work fine on their own I suspect that the problem is one of two things: I am overlooking a simple step or my phone is an issue (as I have heard about other various phones).

Any information, suggestions or thoughts will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance!
I figured out the issue of connecting drone, phone and controller.
It was primarily a matter of doing several steps in the correct order. And using a button on the ap which I had not seen before.
But thanks for all of the great advice and welcoming words of encouragement (NOT!).
Of course the lack of responses could be due to the fact that no one here has a clue about such complicated issues as connecting a drone to a controller and a phone.
And if someone now decides that they want to respond to take issue with my second post, feel free to do so.
But do it knowing that I will not see it as I will find somewhere else to post about drones if I ever feel the need in the future.

Thanks again (NOT!)

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