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The Engines of the drone have cut out

Downloaded the json and I cannot see anything wrong. It and the drone record no crash.

I will do the flight video next...


  • JSON Flight Zip.zip
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Have you tried it after recharging the battery and was everything fine?
I just wonder if it didn't give you a false reading on battery power level and actually had less then 28%.

On a side note, when I was doing some contests, had to search for buried steel bars that had a tag on them. Most of the time this would be on a beach. What I learn from that is there are also magnetic rocks which would get pick up by the pin detector.

Now I wonder if these rocks could affect the drone as you seem to be on the ground when this happen.
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Downloaded the json and I cannot see anything wrong. It and the drone record no crash.

The vertical speed appears to vary right at the end of the flight. If you graph altitude against vertical speed you can see the varience right at the end and it seems to land at 0.7m below the take off point.
How high up was it when the motors cut out and did you land in exactly the same place that you took off from?
The drone was at the level it won't go below detecting the ground.
Watching the video (uploading as I type) I am in shot at the end and am not sure if I touch the land touch screen button or at that moment it landed anyway?

Video recording stopped as usual which make me think I did ask it to land.

However, got the error message and Anafi was twitching and beeping.

Take off and landing levels were the same.
I'm surprised that the motor cut out is not in the JSON file, Alert state. My expectation was, Alert_state=2 should be there but it isn't.

The only interesting thing is that the altitude measuring is going strange at the end.
Shortly after the moment when the Flying mode changes from 'Hovering' to 'Landing' the altitude jumps from a negative value to exact zero. before the tendence was going down from -0.5 to -0.6m.

br HE
Video uploaded. Other than a close encounter with a seagull it may put you to sleep :(

Weather is supposed to be bad for next few days so my next flight will have to wait...
No comments regarding your anomaly, I'm afraid.

Other than a close encounter with a seagull it may put you to sleep :(
I loved the Seagulls taking off early on & the two close encounters shortly thereafter! Glad you came out unscathed.

Beautiful scenery there, I enjoyed the long sweeps along your coastline, it's so different to ours. The immensity of the place is very strong.
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How cold was it when you were flying?

This is sort of comparing Apples with Oranges but a few days back I was flying my Parrot Disco in a temperature of 1Degree Celsius, with windchill approximately minus 3Degree Celsius. I started with a fully charged battery but after five minutes it had dropped, according to the Parrot telemetry, to 67%. It sat at 67% for a further 10minutes and suddenly dropped to 55%. At this point I could no longer feel my fingers and thumbs and so landed. However when I checked the battery on a third party capacity checker it was showing only 12% left.

This is speculation only but is it possible that the 28% capacity shown in the OP’s screen grab is an erroneous reading and the Anafi actually went into low voltage shut down?


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It was above freezing but some wind chill.

The drone never lost connection with the controller and was still showing live video and GPS lock (the screen shot was taken after I picked up and moved the drone onto the wall looking down the beach).

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