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USB-C Cable


Feb 7, 2019
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Hello everyone,
I meet a problem for charging my batteries.
I bought a charger that logs without the problem the drone battery with the original cable.
But if I use other USB-C type cables, the battery does not charge (the LED flashes quickly or the 4 LEDs are green fix depending on the cable I am testing). I have tried 3 different cable and even problem.
I contacted the Parrot customer service, it was a disaster. I did not have a response to my problem.
In the picture, the black cable is the original cable. The white one USB-C 5A cable that I bought.
Can you help me?
Thank you

PS: sorry for my english


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Seems strange because Aukey 3 Port Wall Charger has enough power, 45W output.
Try the cable with another batter and charger. or you can try it using a 5pin to USB-C converter with your 5pin cables.

USB-C cables had many issues with the quality especially with the resistance.
I always check if the cable has 56k ohm resistor, and all cable I have works for me.
I put the 2 cables to show you the difference. If I branch the white cable, I have the same problem. The problem is the cable.
How to check the resistance of the cable? Where can buy a compatible cable? You talk about converter, you have a link?

Thank you very much for your help
I already have a USB-C cable.
Do you know what fast blinking means?
Do you know what 4 LEDs on steady light mean?
Here are 2 videos. The black cable is the one delivered with the drone.:
- Charge with cable from my smartphone :

- Load with purchased cable on Aliexpress :
As far as I know a solid four LEDs means the battery is fully charged. The one with the three solid and one blinking LED means the battery is 75% charged and still charging.
This information is valid when the battery is not charging and when the button is pressed, not when it is charging.
This information is valid when the battery is not charging and when the button is pressed, not when it is charging.

I do need to clarify. Three solid and one blinking led indicates a 75% charge and the battery is still charging. When the battery is fully charged the four leds will be solid momentarily and then turn off. Then when you press the battery button, if the battery is fully charged you'll get four solid leds.
I agree. When I connect the battery with the black cable, I have the led that turns on 2 to 2 then it loads. With the white cable I have directly the 4 fixed lights. If I switch the batteries, the behavior is normal with the black cable. Watch video.
Not all cables work so it's a crap shoot more or less.
I'm looking for a good source of USB C cables too. I bought the extended package but Parrot only provides 3 charging cables even though I need 4 to charge the three batteries and the controller. Had three flights today so now I'm waiting for two batteries and the controller to charge so I can charge the 3 battery. It's almost as annoying as the crap SD they provided.
Update: one of my three stock USB c cables is having issues. It will only charge if I bend the end of the cable at the USB c connection at an angle. Called Parrot support to see if they could send out a replacement. To my surprise the representative said I had only had two options. 1 buy a new cable from a retailer of my choice or 2 return my Anafi Extended to Best Buy for an exchange. How does it make financial sense to have a $700 product returned for exchange verse sending out a replacement cable which obviously didn't cost much to produce.
It isn't supposed to make financial sense. It's a "policy" for the minions that read from a script...

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