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I edited my response to your question on cable length. I just measured the stock Anafi antenna cables, they are 8". One would need another inch to the case for bulkhead mount connectors, I would go 10" to be comfortably safe.
First flight with the 5dB dual band whips and I exactly doubled my range of baseline flights, exact same altitude, flight path etc. Need more flights but this was very encouraging.
hi thanks for your advice, it is going to be an expensive Christmas present for my Son, I wish I knew this before hand, if there is no other way I will have to look for a sky controller 2. if you know of a used one that is in good condition please let me know, thanks again
Hi,search ebay for skycontroller 2,you see some for 70-80 bucks...most of them come without charger,thats gonna cost you another 50 bucks...look for skycontroller 2 that comes with charger or buy separately
Hi kyoshi,
Parrot called me today and they were able to resolve my problem. I am not sure where you are but their Phone # is877-972-7768. If you want email me at [email protected] and I will forward the email they sent to me
Hi Ironsky!
I'm still struggling with Flight Planner! I normally connect my smartphone, in this case a Galaxy Note II without a sim card, to my broadband network! I have Google Earth installed on it! Do I correctly deduce that what I'm doing is correct please? ie open Google earth on my phone not on my PC?
a bemused old Aitch
Got the red BB2 repaired today! ID's itself quicker than I can react! I needed two updates to the firmware and a calbration!
Everything is on your FPV be it tablet or phone though I prefer tablet for Flight Plan because it is much easier to layout and edit the screen. Once saved it is there. You cannot transfer flight plans between devices. I have had mine land, take off take video take pic set camera angle it is great tool just start out with simple patterns ,
You live very close. I’m in Chambersburg. We should go fly sometime. I have about 8 birds. Do many verticals.
The Anafi is my only "real" drone. Got the extended package for work. What other drones do you have? What does "do many verticals" mean?
Hi From Hungary! Írhatok magyarul? Your name sounds hungarian.... And I am a new menber in Parrot-field after a Spark, and with an Air from DJI :) With many questions about Anafi.
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Krusty Geeza
Krusty Geeza
Hi @Janos_Sz :) Sorry for the late response, I didn't get a message about this note from you!

Which name? Krusty Geeza or Alex Mausolf? I'm Australian born, but have relatives that came from all over Europe!

You should ask your questions on the forum, the people are friendly here & very helpful really.
Newbie to Drone World - Purchased Anafi
Same here. Had my anafi 2 months. A few minor issues mainly SD card errors and loss of video feed which I’ve managed to overcome.
Hello Anafi Pilots! Did Parrot fixed the issue of not providing propeller screws anywhere? do the spare propeller box that they sell on amazon comes with the screws?
i have a disco parrot and i have a problem with last version of virb edit for roll and pich
i would like download the version 5.1.3 but i don't find it
can you help me please?

South of France
ironically, my PS has an issue as of today. I was trying to merge a pano and it prompts an error. Which I can't seem to fix unless I reinstall from the website, don't want to do that at this point.

Yes please I would like PS and LR.

Former tech from parrot’s forum. What in the he’ll happened? Why’d Parrot shut us down guys ? Anyone know?
A second life - it is back!

After having lost my Rolling Spider in a fly away, a neighbor's son found it in an old garden while playing "hide-and-seek". Tried it after cleaning/charging and it is flying as good as before - so the story continues...
Hi, just bought an ANAFI and am loving it so far. Been flying military drones for 10 years, all controlled by software, so the flight plan mode is cool.

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