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I'm Jeff, in the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area. I ordered the Anafi almost immediately after it was announced so I hope to get mine soon. I'm looking forward to shooting videos with it and about it for my Youtube channel, Jeff Sibelius. I've got an EVO that will be delivered Monday, so it will be fun to compare the Anafi and the Evo, along with the Mavic Pro and maybe the new DJI drone when it's announced on the 18th.
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Hello everyone
I belong to a few of these pilot forums and joined this one because I am interested in the Anafi.
I go by a few names but most common is Jagerbomb52 & Agustine. Don't ask why two different as its a long story LOL
I am also on many different facebook pages and tend to post a lot :)
I'm a retired newsprint papermaker from Ontario Canada. If you Still read Newspapers there was a good chance I made the paper that it was printed on.
Looking forward to seeing the videos and photos from you people.
QuadKid here, been flying drones for 4 years now, FPV race quads, P3P, MP. MA & P4P, delighted to have an Anafi forum up and running. Pre-ordered and hope I make the first round. Little information from Parrot, any Anafi's ordered through Parrot-US will start shipping 7/2/18 from there US distribution located in Illinois.
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Hi all. I've been flying a 3DR Solo for the past few years along with a little dabble in to FPV. I'm just an enthusiast and more interested in the flying camera aspect. Looking forward to the Anafi, which I have in hand right now.
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Ciao a tutti i piloti, sono un pilota di droni da 3 anni e dopo Phantom 4 pro e Mavic Air, ieri sono venuto in possesso del Parrot Anafi e dopo una piccola esperienza di volo penso che sia un ottimo acquisto. Uso occhiali Epson BT 300 e con Anafi, non riesco a scaricare freeflight 6.
Un saluto dalla Toscana, Italia.
Hello to all the drivers, I've been a drone pilot for 3 years and after Phantom 4 pro and Mavic Air, yesterday I got the Parrot Anafi and after a little flight experience I think it's a great purchase. I use Epson BT 300 glasses and with Anafi, I can not download freeflight 6.
Greetings from Tuscany, Italy.
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Welcome Risi, yes we are all waiting the release of FreeFlight 6 IOS.

Benvenuto Risi, sì, stiamo aspettando il rilascio di FreeFlight 6 IOS.
Hi from northern New Jersey. I work at a local university and currently fly a P4P and a Bebop Pro Thermal. Plan to add a Matrice 200 + Zenmuse XT2 to step up my thermal game.
Hi all,
Thomas from France here!
Just got the Anafi one week ago and I'm really amazed by how good it is.
I "upgraded" after owning the Ryze Tello for 1 month which I really enjoyed for flying but I wanted the stabilised camera and the 4K video.
Anyways, I can tell you that with the Anafi for the first time I see a huge difference between 4K and Full HD on my 4K monitor.
The thing is that 4K on Youtube is really compressed which makes it look too much like HD.
But having the 100Mbps 4K video from the Anafi, it's just amazing...

I'm looking forward to SW updates from parrot.
I really want to do 360 spherical panoramas. For now I'm trying to use Flight Plan to at list automate the picture taking but even this I can't seem to make it work. I couldn't find much info yet on how to use Flight Plan (how to use the rotate, is it relative angle or absolute angle, the picture taking, etc...)
I'm sure all is going to get better with the future SW releases and when they make available the SDK we will probably see 3rd party great stuff as well!!

Looking forward to that!

PS: my second day with the Anafi:
Just posted my rush with almost no editing
Greetings from the Philippines! I have piloted and drove RC's on and off for the last 2 decades or so, which kinda reveals the age hehe. I am actually researching for my first ever drone, and since I am kinda far from the coverage areas of the leading drone companies in both sales and after sales concern, my choices are really, way too much limited.
So I narrowed my choices to 3 models: Yuneec Typhoon H, DJI MPP or the Parrot Anafi. All of them don't have any presence in my country, so good luck for any warranty claims.
The anafi tops my list since it has the least automated/electronic computerized thingamanjig inside... Heck it's a pilot's drone! Few things can go wrong and if something does, definitely it's gonna be my fault. So, if only parrot can expand their Japan presence...
Welcome to the Forum Durian. Tough decision, they all have different features and purpose. I have 4 DJI drones P3P, MP, MA and P4P and the Anafi, by far the Anafi is the quietest and most portable but lacks the stability (Mainly hover) and range of the MP, Have no practical experience with the Typhoon. I have been flying FPV quads for years and my biggest suggestion would be to buy an inexpensive drone, something like a SYMA 5X to learn to fly if you have never flown before. On the other hand jumping right into a consumer camera drone (which they all have their hardware/software problems) keep it close and low until you feel confident about flight characteristics and operation, read the manual(s) and watch tutorials on You Tube, the Anafi seems to be a good starter drone for now, time will tell, verdict is still out on many aspects of it. My next best choice would be a MP or MPP.
I have no Parrot, but the Anafi has caught my attention. The discourse here will help me decide whether to supplement my Autel X-Star with a French quad.
Hi, New to the ParrotPilots. Previously owned a Bebop, Bebop 2 and Disco. Also previously owned a DJI Phantom 3 Standard. Currently own a DJI Spark and Mavic Pro. Currently considering purchasing an Anafi and want to find out what the forum is saying about the new bird - pros and cons. I have about 3 years of drone flying experience. Looking forward to hearing about the Anafi through the forum! Thanks
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Welcome, this forum is just getting going. I'm sure there will be a wealth of knowledge and tips here over time. Also DJI Transplant, So far the Anafi is living up to it's Tout. Just a learning curve to get familiar with the app and features. Being a previous Parrot owner you got one leg up on us newbies. Again Welcome to the forum.
My name is Jeff. Been involved with drones since the QX 350s. So it’s been a few years now. I have my part 107 license, but fly only for fun. Trying to learn as much as I can. Steep learning curve, since I know nobody who drones.
I like my Anafi. I really like the hand launch & how quiet & un-intrusiven it is.
I Live in Allendale Michigan.
Also have a Spark, Mavic Air, & Mavic Pro.
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