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Hello, after long winter break, I made sure Anafi is ready to fly. Checking zoom function, showed again, thet Anafi Zoom function doesn't work. Camara is going up and down - left side of controller, and no zoom, when I move right side controller. It happened after latest update. I had no problems before. Any advice, please?
Sailing Pilot
Sailing Pilot
I turned EV trigger off, and zoom works again! Someone adviced it on the forum - thanks!
Thanks so much it fixed the issue.
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You’re welcome and Good to hear skypilot. Maybe you could post in thread that the solution worked. It may help other pilots if they experience same problem
Happy flying
Of course I know you and Thanks for your awesome inputs.
The type of high altitude, winter, hard to get landscape is more than the ANAFI can handle so I've been flying the AIR2 and AIR2S. Augustine switched also, I see him on the forum.
I bought a unit, it had a connectivity problem. I assumed it was a H/W issue and returned it to the vendor. Second unit has a similar problem. I've had two other Anafis which worked great.
Mostly retired aerospace engineer. Living in Tyler TX. Still doing remote sensing, but smaller scale
Hi @KonradKern !

What do you mean by " Two different units "?
We knows the really bad level of the Parrot's support... no information about removing the option.
I feel I bought a toy too much expensive for few meters...

I'm looking for a signal booster for the 2.4Ghz. If you have something ?
I have a similar problem. Two different units from Best Buy. Was not able to get either of them to connect. Went through all the Parrot guidance on trouble shooting. Are you able to gain connectivity at all?
Hello Love thework you have done on flight plan I have donated not much but i hope it helps as i am retired from work.
my question is how do i set - minus values in Flight plan using your web interface.? Example if i fly from a +500m mountain and want to go down to a place 100 m below how do i set things
can you tell me the type of cables used to plug in the side of sky controller 1, I am doing the same mod
Hi StarGazer, how are you?
So, I have the same your problem with camera substitution of BeBop2.
How do you solve it?
Thanks so much.....I'm going crazy!!!
Hi my Bebop drone when i press take off the battery goes from 100% to 10% in about 10 seconds i have 6 batteries and they all do this but if i test the battery it is not flat it still has 90% charge can anyone help with this problem.
Hey, check out the picture I just posted...first sunset of 2021, drone acted perfectly until it ran out of battery.

Whatchoo up to? Are you enjoying the political circus that will hopefully end when the First Toddler gets dragged out kicking and screaming? It wouldn't be a bad thing if somebody redesigned a high-tech guillotine, but enough of that.
Also, when I tried to connect my droid phone via WiFi it showed up once on available devices, but wouldn’t connect with an error stating an authorization problem. Any thoughts ?

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