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We are 2 Parrot users the rest all
Dji and we endure storm of criticism by Parrot users and defend the quality of the Anafi Dron. at the end only our videos
However, people are in the place.
Great videos do not need to invest $ 1250
in a drone for fun leisure and get good result
you know if it has sold much
the drone Anafi in the USA
I am a member of a group of video enthusiasts using Drone, digital edition and photo
hi... i also got the solaris mod for the skycontroller 2 ....i sent my controller to him as i was not confident i could do the mod myself...The first flight was amazinig i got 3km with it......but when i took itup the second day i was getting next to no distance only a 100m....Solaris said main chip had faild on the SC2 have u had any issues with your sc2 failing
New Anafi arrived yesterday. Successfully set drone
however theres a sim card in the case Not sure what its for
Hi All
I have just purchased a second Bebop 2 after putting the first one in a lake as the battery ran out. Expensive mistake. Anyway the replacement Bebop 2 appears in every way to be a Bebop 2 Power with a standard white Bebop nose cone. LED light is Blue, all components underneath are black. Will the standard Bebop 2 Skycontroller function correctly with the Power body? Is there any downside here.?
Hi, I'm new to the group, wondering if you could ready post and see if you can help? You seem popular in the group, so maybe best to ask! Thanks 👍
I have no problem helping but you can get better results if you ask your questions in a open forum so people smarter then I can also answer LOL
Likes: Wingy
Hi, seems a helpful page!👍 I need a bit of advice, recently had a crash with Bebop 2, then couldn't get a signal from the Bebop, took apart checked all connections, no luck, but just happened to press the nose of the drone down a tiny bit and bingo the signal came back and all was normal until I took pressure off then back to no signal😡 could anybody give me some advice as to why this is happening. Please 👍
Please could do with the help!👍👍👍

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