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hi, I recently had a crash from approximately 40 feet, I tried to break the fall by catching it but it still hit pretty hard. now the drone isn't powering on. the battery just shows full power and that's it. nonresponse. what do you think?
Inspect pins (drone)that go into battery ,you will have to open drone and follow power lines to see if something is de attached,40 feet is preaty high,it could be that you lost some resistors in mainboard from that crash...you will have to open drone to check it out...btw is it anafi or bebop
Anafi. if the board is really the issue that means replacement?
Hallo Anthony,
Ik heb vandaag het pakket met mijn BEBOP 2 verzonden. Ik hoop dat je het vrij goed zult ontvangen en ik hoop dat je het in ieder geval kunt repareren BEDANKT VOOR JE HULP; Mijn adres om het terug te sturen zit in de doos Mijn tel in België 0473263141 en e-mail [email protected]
vriendelijke groeten
Hi I am not the original poster of the request for a main board for a Parrot Anafi. If 0arne0 did not take you up on it, I am interested. I don't want to cut someone out of a deal though so please if 0arne0 is still thinking about it I want to wait until they have a chance. Please let me know.
Tim F.
Thank you for sharing DJI drone spying video. Very interesting, and people should know. All the best!
Hello Heath -- Just joined the forum to start researching issues (havne't even posted yet), and came across your report as my first thread. Didn't see any update for the last few weeks and thought I'd ask you directly. Any more info on what caused the problem?

Bob Russell
EXACTLY!!! Thanks so much for this pdf link...
Procédure d’assemblage et de désassemblage d’ANAFI.
Le Français est un peut pauvre, mais TRES MERCI beaucoup!
Fabulous. We have Google Translate and I have high School French... I'm optimistic!!
What one could build up, other can always disassemble.
Even if you've been eaten you have two ways to egress.
I have a bebop 2 with sc2 and cant get them to work with my phone. I can pair the bebop2 and sc2. I plug in my phone all seems connected. I click the large screen and instantly I loose connection to both please any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I'm new to ParrotPilots and new to the drone world. After a few times of flying my Anafi and one crash landing, I'm having issues with the vertical camera or gimbal. Does anyone have any suggestions on where or how I can repair this issue. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Jus. Fla.
Ontario, where? Oakville, Mississauga, York, Younge Street Downtown. Either way, Agustine, if you don't like the facts remove it. Your users deserve to know, stop being a coward, I am not about to defame your site. All pics and written words went to Parrot. I will find another site. stick your head back the hole, it will be okay. Fellow Canadien.
Two questions.
A) I would like to know if it is possible to fly Anafi without GPS (in "acts mode").
B) I would like to know if it is possible to activate RTH but arrived above the "home" point to let the drone remain at the top (in "hovering") without automatically landing it and then manually landing it.
Thank you
"atti mode" sorry
Hi no one can or want to answer? Please also say something in the negative. Thank you
hi! i have one problem with my anafi((( after crash hi sey me vertical camera failure...((( you don't now anything for fix this problem???

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