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Recent content by Air Raid

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    Return to Home Altitude

    Warranty? What's that? I've already got hacks (scripts to write to thumbdrive) installed. Would love to know how to change the default to 60m.
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    The remote control looks just like the Anafi one...

    To comply, line-of-site has to be maintained with someone who can take control of the drone. (My understanding)
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    Return to Home Altitude

    Anyone know how to change the Return to Home Altitude? I want to bump it up high to clear the trees.
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    Why did my drone fell down?

    Just about the only thing a pilot can do to make the drone lose power and drop out of the sky, is to hit the panic button. As far as the black flashes go, I still attribute them to your gusty flying conditions.
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    Bebop 2 Flight Plan

    I always launch a Flight Plan directly from my phone, which needs to be WiFi-connected to the drone to upload the program and make it go. I bet you can also launch through a Flight Controller 2, which in that case does not require phone WiFi, so it should work in Airplane mode. But I have not...
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    Why did my drone fell down?

    That's pretty messed up. Good thing it didn't crash in the water. This is a drone malfunction or an encounter with a bird or other airborne obstacle. A control malfunction shouldn't make a BB2 crash. The black flashes at 4:18 are because you are looking straight down in high winds. This places...
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    Winter is Coming

    I captured 3 seasons and melded them into a video. Just one more season to add.
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    Radar screen way off...maybe faulty Skycontroller2?

    Did you calibrate it? As for me, I suspect that my Skycontroller is defective, perhaps only 1 of the two patch antennas may be operating. I have a new (used) one coming this week.
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    Testing out Cameraman mode w/video

    I'm likin' it!
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    Radar screen way off...maybe faulty Skycontroller2?

    So, I'm loving my BB2 more and more. I've taken to flying FPV with goggles, and the flying experience is approaching what I've been looking for. But I'm having two issues and they may be related: The radar screen is off by maybe 60 degrees. My range is limited to around 1000 ft.
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    Poor filming of a bridge, need advice

    Nice video subject, and a good thread. This is what I would try: I like shots, flying backwards, with the camera looking down maybe 30 degrees from vertical. Start ahead of the subject, so it is initially off camera. It provides some element of surprise. It puts the new stuff in the near field...
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    Some Flight Plan fun.

    It's a lot of fun...creating and executing the flight plan, and then editing the video. I'm using Windows Movie Maker, which is no longer offered by MicroSoft, but you can still find it for free.
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    Some Flight Plan fun.

    It's a 15 minute flight with a BB2.
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    Some Flight Plan fun.

    There are a lot of ways to take advantage of the repeatability of Flight Plan. This is one. Has anyone experimented with others? Time of day, perhaps? winter-spring-summer