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3.4 Km in my suburban area!


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Jul 26, 2018
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Not sure if the newest firmware I just installed has anything, or how much to do with it, but I just flew my Anafi 2.4 Km in a pretty heavy suburban area with good FPV all the way out and FPV returning home starting up again at 1.9 Km.
I then flew on my second battery in a different direction, still suburban, but over a small lake initially, for 3.4Km!
FPV almost all the way out, but on the return home FPV was not working all the way back, not sure why it didn't eventually come back on the way home??
I have flown this drone over the same areas before and got maybe half that distance!
All of a sudden my Anafi has double the range or even a little better???
Not complaining, but could that be a firmware improvement or what, I'm wondering?
I know in my range tests I got much better at having the controller pointed exactly at the drone. Early on I didn't realize how critical this was. Not sure if that's the case in your situation, but I about doubled my range as well paying close attention to it.
I think it was about two update ago I noticed I got better range but it just might be because of Fall and all the leaves have gone from the trees. Now that its winter there is not much around to stop the signal. LOL
Pretty impressive! Are you using 2.4 or 5 ghz? What channel?

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