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3d photo mapping


Jul 15, 2018
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Hi, is there any news on the 3d mapping function, if and when will it be deployed?
I think It will come available for the Anafi. Pix4D have support for Bebop and why not for the anafi in the future? It meets all the needed requirements. 3D mapping solutions can be expensive (as ifana mentions). But I think Pix4D have a trial verison that lets you play around for a while!. It´s really fun and can be turned into business fast if you have clients for it!

Pix4D stated last month that they are giving the Parrot ANAFI (and other new drones) high priority (see Parrot ANAFI).

The Pix4D Capture App is of course free.

Has anyone tried using the Anafi and Flight Plan add-on for 3D Mapping & Survey work yet? I plan to give it a go this week, but would like to hear about anyone's experiences to learn any lessons first. Flight Plan looks better than Pix4D Capture App, as it allows for images at different heights which will hopefully allow for better models as the height can be adjusted to follow the terrain elevation; and the 3D modelling of cliffs can be done in one flight plan.
I’ve just flown a successful mission with Pix4D capture - it went fine, with a couple of niggles:
- the images are all ‘fully zoomed out’, it’s not possible as far as I can tell to set the camera zoom. It would be nicer to control that a little.
- if you hit ‘come home’, you can manually fly the aircraft, but it holds on to it’s idea of coming home. Probably best to let it do it’s thing (nearly crashed it)

It seems like setting up a survey in Flight Plan will take a while, but potentially make better results with better camera control.

I’ve also done a couple of tests with manual flight control - including totalling an ANAFI flying under eaves to exploit it’s upward looking camera abilities (sorry little aircraft, when parrot sell gimbal assemblies you’ll fly again!)

Anyway - I’ll need to install the app on a tablet. One issue I see there is that the basemaps are not always matching reality - so constructing a great 3D flight plan may be some trial-and-error…. but keen to test soon!
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