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AEB and wide angle photos


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Jul 8, 2018
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One thing that's really missing from the Anafi imo is the AEB option for photo stacking.
I'm finding it a bit difficult to shoot 3-5 photos with different exposure values and stack them all together.
Also when I try to shoot buildings in RAW there is too much distortion and when I try JPEG rectangle it shoots only 16mp.
Any ideas?
My observation from Pro Mode is the only two variables are speed and ISO. Therefore I don’t believe there is a physical iris, nor a physical shutter. The camera is fixed at f/2.8, and the shutter is electronic.

This is fine for stills.

Hopefully they will add bracketing to take sets of three or five exposures for HDR.

For video, we’ll need some quality ND filters for bright scenes to maintain shutter speed around 2x the frame rate.
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We still don’t have the option for RAW shots in rectangular mode like the JPEGs.
Wide angle shots show too much distortion
Raws should not be touched so the current DNG (except Metadata) is what you want and what you get.
Its frigin easy to do a lens correct.
Even until they added Anafi Profile just choose DJI-> FC200 and set Intensity to 60 and you are fine (Lightroom & Photoshop Raw Converter).



P.S. the Great thing is that there is no or neglectable Vignetting afaics
Nope, one will do. But also many other raw converters (free) have lens profiles that can be adapted tomatch.
Its a very easy linear beaviour that can be handled with generic settings. AND more Important no vignetting.

Has anybody else noticed a small camera tilt down movement after the positioning checks during switching on?

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