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Anafi Flight Manual


Oct 13, 2018
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I recently got my Anafi about a month ago and have about 25 flights under my belt. As with most drones I have had some odd occurrences during flights but nothing major. However I am the type of person that likes to research everything which led me to this forum. Going through the posts I see many people have all manner of different suggestions from things to check preflight, best practices in-flight and even things you should do post flight. Now the manual from Parrot as everyone knows is pretty thin. I'd love to have a more complete flight manual for the Anafi. I do not know if one exists (please let me know if one does!) so I was curious as to the interest in coming up with a user created one. I'd be more than happy to head up this endeavor unless there is someone else who might be a better choice. I was thinking something along the lines of providing an email address that everyone could send their tips, ticks, procedures or anything else related to the Anafi that I would compile into a "flight manual" of sorts, perhaps make it a Google Doc that could be shared out to everyone.

Before I get too far into planning it out I would first like to gauge interest. So if you have a moment please let me know if you feel this might be beneficial and if you would be willing to contribute. If there are enough folks willing to participate I think this could be a valuable asset to all Anafi pilots. Again, if such a manual already exists please point me in the right direction. I certainly don't want to duplicate anyone's efforts already underway or completed.

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Sounds like a very good idea to me. I know they did that on the Yuneecpilots page and made their own manual. Lets see where this goes.
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I really like the idea and would be more than happy if I could participate (the only thing that would slow me down is my poor English).

A nice way to start would be to define the « structure » of the flight manual with dedicated paragraphs. If one of the paragraphs suits your speciality or interest, you could ‘register’ and go for it ...

For example, one could specialize in hand launch description, while another would explore manual parameters for photography...

Philippe (terribly French)
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Definitely a great idea, given that Parrot are bringing out updates and features, but no update manual as of yet.

One of the guys on the Mavic forum did a similar thing. Mapped out all the menu options in an excel spreadsheet, was very informative and useful.

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