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Anafi Thermal - tablet holder

Nov 13, 2018
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At the current time I'm not really interested in the new thermal equipped Anafi (maybe someday), but I am interested in the tablet holder that is included in the kit. Does anyone know if this is a proprietary Parrot design, or is it available now as an aftermarket add-on (via Amazon)?
Have a look at this rave reviews I’ve just ordered one for myself

same ones I use, and they are perfect, very quick to configure and very good quality. I use the "Ipad mini" one for my Huawei Mediapad M5 8.4 and its perfect for it. Good seller as well..... and no I am not related :)
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Have a look at this rave reviews I’ve just ordered one for myself

I've seen several similar that basically extend the reach of the stock phone holder, but the one Parrot shows looks like it centers the holder over the controller. Seems like it would be easier to balance in the hands.
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Well I have been using this holder for over 10 days now with my 10.5 iPad Pro no issues at all found I don’t need to use a neck strap as not too heavy used for over an hour intermittently with three battery’s and a bliss not using reading glasses to see the screen which I needed with my iPhone Happy bunny
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