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Anafi Training Plan


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Dec 3, 2019
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I just repaired my Anafi and it is flying again. I am a relative newbie and am wondering if a structured training plan in flying the Anafi would be of benefit to me and others. Each flying session can progress through the training tasks in order.

Example below. If you make suggestions, I will edit the original post and attempt to provide the relevant page numbers in the most recent Anafi User Guide version

  • Getting Started: Page 26
  • Take off and immediately land using the screen button: Page 27 and Page 33
  • Take off and immediately land using the controller button: Page 27 and Page 33

  • Basic controls after take off (Page 28):
  • Rise and descend
  • Turn right and turn left
  • Forward and reverse
  • Move to right and left

  • Return to home (page 29):
  • Take off and wait until Precise Home Set
  • Fly to height of about 50 meters and move drone away from home
  • Check for obstructions above and around drone and then press Home button on screen or controller.

  • Camera and gimbal controls (page 7)
  • Zoom in and zoom out
  • Tilt camera up and down
  • Shutter button: take photo and start / stop filming
  • Start and stop video recording
  • Take a photo
  • Reset camera tilt and zoom

  • Hand launch: Page 27
  • Hand landing: Page 33
  • Pilot RTH: page 30
  • Panoramas: page 55
  • Smartdronies: page 79

  • Follow Me mode (page 10)
  • Creating a flight plan (page 86)
  • Extracting flight data and creating a GPX file

All suggestions are appreciated!
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