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Another Spark vs Anafi thread


Nov 23, 2018
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I’ve owned both.

I much prefer the Anafi

  1. Anafi is much quieter
  2. Anafi app is much more stable and not filled with endless pop ips
  3. Anafi has a better camera
The app experience for DJI Spark was just bad—it felt overloaded with information and difficult to find anything. To this day, I still haven’t found the return to home or land button (never felt like “trying it out” to learn)

That said, the Spark was really rock stable, and well built. The controller was more compact, although having the phone below the sticks is just plain dumb (but looks good).

The Spark’s object avoidance only works when in crawl mode, and then only covers the front. Kinda useless—a gimmick like all the other gimmicks Spark has.

The Spark was so annoying sounding, I didn’t like to fly it when anyone was around—it turned heads.

So Anafi is a good choice.
Hi Ud6Eoe2k,

I have had the spark since it was released and the Anafi only a week;

just my two penn'orth...

The Anafi is quieter but to be fair to the Spark it too is quiet when compared to a Phantom, Autel X-Star or a BeBop.

Freeflight 6 is a nice app and yes DJI Go sucks with it's endless pop ups, warnings, quizzes etc. And the update procedure isn't that good on DJI compared with Freeflight.

Camera... So far I have found the Anafi camera to be a bit noisy which could be down to the cloudy, wintery grey weather this week. The camera on the Spark, even though only 1080, is very good. I will see how I get on with the camera on the Anafi, but over all I do love the Parrot so far!
They each have their place, depending on your skills and passions...
I had two sparks before the Anafi and much prefer the Anafi for the reasons posted above plus the much longer flight time

Also, whenever I launched Spark I was never sure I s see it again... Spark has, or had, a serious fly away problem. Lost one that way and 2 crashed on take off

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