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Switching from DJI

Its a real good thing that not only does the FreeFlight6 app show all single images of a pano, but also generates high quality panos out of them (8000*4000). I can always stitch them myself, but having the app do it on the fly in a usable quality is great thing.

While I agree the freeflight6 pano features are nice, I wish they would enable the pano modes to shoot as DNG / RAW files + JPG, this could still allow the in-app program to stitch the JPGs if you users wants to go this route, but allow more professional users to tank the DNG / RAW files and stitch there own panos and have the full power of the RAW files, JPG is no good for post processing and this is really sad because the pano modes work well.
Yeah, a raw format for automatic pano would be nice. On the other hand the app stitching is already not in the highest possible quality. If you take the same images it uses for the stitching and stitch it yourself, you get an even bigger image. But the way it is now is much better then what i got with the Spark, which downgraded your video and image quality to 720p when you used one of the automatic modes or video edit features (it’s the same for the Air btw. as this is a „problem“ of the App which many people complain about on the DJI forum)
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Hopefully Parrot add the ability to shoot RAW with the Pano modes, I can see file sizes getting large or the sphere / 360 pano but it would be super handy for the hoz and vert panos! Fingers crossed for the next update.
Hi there

Very nice and complete review. My path is similar to yours.
Previously i only had DJI products and also switched from the Spark to the Anafi.
So far very pleased with it. Agree with you 100%.

Safe flights ?
Every brand and equipment has it's pros and cons. Proper procedure and precaution are important. You have describe it in a very detailed manner. Now various drones like Agras MG-1P, Phantom 4, DJI sparks, parrot anafi and their inter-conversions are under my study now a days. Your post helped me a lot, I was thinking about all these things.

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