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Balance charge and battery help for bebop 1 please


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Jan 22, 2021
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East Midlands UK
Sup’ guys.
Hope you’re all safe and well?
im Pretty new to flying drones and struggling with batteries and balance charging so based on my Very limited knowledge think I may be doing something wrong..
As I’m new to this, I purchased a bebop 1 to get me used to things and I’m really enjoying it so far, I purchased 4 2500mah GIFI batteries to increase the flight time back in April 2020 and when new, they were great but now only last about 2 mins at best and I’m struggling to get them to charge on my bebop charger
From this I have a few questions that I’m really hoping you can help on please?
1. Should I be using a different charger to keep the batteries “healthy” as they were just stored over the winter months so have I don’t something wrong? If I do need a balance charger, can you recommend one please?
2. Is it possible to just use a generic battery from Hobyking.com that has the same XT60 connection so long as it’s a similar physical size to the parrot ones? If so, can anyone recommend one please?
3. Can anyone recommend any good aftermarket batteries that fit the bebop directly?

really hope you can help and hopefully speak soon ????

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