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Batterie need to be reset with power bank before flight, temp was around 0 degrees


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Dec 1, 2018
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Hi all, yesterday I was out for a flight with my Anafi. Nice sun, but cold with a temperature around 0 degrees.
I tried to start up de Anafi, but no lights on the batterie. So I took 2 another batteries, same, no lights on it. After that I connect the batterie with a power bank to see if they really were empty but no, I saw 3 to 4 dots blinking. After I connect it to my power bank, I could fly. So I don't know but I think the memory of the batteries has te be reset before flight because temp was to low and goes to safety modus, no?
Great the batteries can be feeded by power bank :)
In the manual it states that after 12 days of no use the battery will enter hibernation mode and will need connecting to a charger to wake it up.
Ow thanks, didn't read that part :( And yes it think it was more than 12 days I flew my Anafi.
Thanks for this fast reply ;)
Correct. After the 10-12 days it will start to drain your battery to around 65% percent and then enter hibernation mode. This is ment to protect your battery
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