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Battery Issue


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May 6, 2019
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Hi All ,
Normally a Disco flyer but owing to a recent crash , needed a new camera . Managed to source a Bebop 3.0 in full working order but 3 dead lipos. I manufactured a mini tamiya convertor ( dremel cut the end off the lipo ) and hooked up a brand new 1800 3s 15c lipo from Hobbyking and took it for a few spins before I cannibalised the camera . Its capable of quite nice footage and with skycontroller é there doesnt seem to be a range problem .

However Im only getting about 8 or 9 mins till low battery warning . But when I hook it up to a lipo voltage tester it says each cell is still sitting at 3.9v and when I subsequently balance charge it , it takes about 900 mA to charge it full again . Thinking it may be a battery fault I hooked up my 2700mA disco lipo . Again get about 10 mins before low voltage warning . Voltage tester again shows 3.9v approx and again takes about 1200 to fill the battery again .

Anyone know whats happening . Could the voltage table be corrupt . Could it be my homemade tamiya connector ( which is basically the wires bulked out with thick copper wire and jammed into an xt60 female hole ) is not allowing the full voltage to be read correctly . I have a proper tamiya convertor on the way , and yes I know to reverse the polarity

I eagerly wait on sage advice

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