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Bebop 2 wabling on decent almost crashes

What would cause drone to wabble when descending?

Choppy or dirty air from your props or rotors as they're are really named. The phenomenon is also called "prop wash" in English. You can use Google to learn more.

Regards, Leif.
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Having your screws on the props loose and not having the props spun all the way back till the my hit the screw will make it happen too... I figured that out, was getting a bit of chop decending and also some "jello" in my video playback as well... also, if you have added any weight to the top of the Drone it will literally wobble so badly during decent that I had mine fall out of the sky with my samsung 360 degree camera on it! Scared the crap out of me, remembered that "center of gravity" thing all over again! Lol

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